Our Services

Our services included Exploration and Mining Services.


In Exploration Services, we conducted Services for  Coal Exploration, Mineral Exploration and also Other Exploration (Limestone and Marble).


Here are Stages of Exploration:


1. Geological Survey and Feasibility Study, as follow:

– Mapping

Exploration Services_Mapping

– Prospect Area

– Topographic Services

– Geographic Information System (GIS) Data Base & Application

Our Services_GIS


2. Geophysical Survey, as follow:

– Geomagnetic

– Geolistrik

– Induce Polirization (IP)

Our Services_Geophysical


3. Drilling, as follow:

Open Hole / Coring


Our Services_Coring


Our Services_Logging_1

Our Services_Logging_2

Our Services_Logging_3

Our Services_Logging_4

For Drilling we used Jacro and Power Rig.


And for Mining Services, we conducted Dewatering solution.

We used Middle Up Capacity Pump.